Appliance Maintenance


If you have a dishwasher, it is important to scrape food and rinse off dirty plates before putting them in the dishwasher. Make sure that you are stacking the dishes correctly and that none of the plates or utensils are blocking the spray arms. It is a good idea not to put plastic items in the dishwasher. Plastic items are too light to stay in the racks during washing and end up on the heating element where the melt. Often this causes damage and requires a service call from the appliance repair person.

Use only a dishwasher detergent in your dishwasher. We recommend that you use a premium product such as Cascade, Sun Light, or Electrosol. Some less expensive dishwasher detergents leave spots on dishes and glasses and are not always effective in cleaning properly.



When using your washing machine. Be careful not to put too much clothing in the machine. Overloading will cause the machine to shake and sometimes to not operate. Be sure to clean the lint trap on your dryer after each use. Check the pockets on all your clothes and remove loose change or objects, which can damage your washer or dryer, or clothes. If you are washing nylon stockings, make sure they are in hosiery bags designed to hold nylons while they are being washed. Otherwise, your stockings can get tangled in the washing machine motor


Be careful not to flush any paper products down the toilet other than toilet paper. Items such as paper towels or sanitary napkins will often clog a toilet. If a toilet becomes clogged, you should use a toilet plunger and attempt to solve the problem before calling us.

If you have a toilet that continues to run after flushing, please contract our office immediately. A running toilet will result in very high water bills.


Heating/Air Conditioning Systems

Your home has both heating and air-conditioning systems. Make sure that when you want warm air, the thermostat is switched to HEAT. When you want air conditioning it should be switched to COOL. When the air conditioning is on, NEVER set the thermostat below 70 degrees. This is extremely important. If it is set lower than 70 degrees, the unit can freeze up which can result in serious damage to the unit. This in turn could be expensive for Creative Housing and also for tenants and/or staff. If you have problems with your furnace or air conditioner, please call the Creative Housing office.


Garbage Disposals

Always remember to run water when you are using your disposal and for at least two minutes after you finish. This prevents blockages.

Never pour cooking grease into your disposal or sink. This will clog the disposal and sink lines.

If you drop a solid object (such as a knife or fork) into your disposal, turn if off immediately and seek help from your support provider to get it out. Be careful to never reach into your garbage disposal while it is running or when someone else might turn it on.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

All Creative Housing homes have had a carbon monoxide detector installed. The detector runs off house hold current. You do not have to change batteries. The detector samples the air for carbon monoxide every two and one half minutes. The blinking dot in the window indicates the carbon monoxide detector is working. The number in the window indicates the level of carbon monoxide in your home. Usually the number will be a “0”.

Instructions for monitoring your carbon monoxide detector should be posted beside the detector. If they are not, please call the office and we will see that you get an instruction card.

Instructions are as follows:
If alarm sounds: Note the reading and press the reset button to silence the alarm. If alarm continues and reading is below 35, call Creative Housing at 418-7725.

If the reading is 35 to 100: Open the doors and windows and call Creative Housing. If anyone is experiencing symptoms, call 911 for medical assistance.

If the reading is 100 or above: Evacuate the house, call Creative Housing and wait for assistance. If anyone is experiencing symptoms, call 911 for medical assistance.


Smoke Detector System

Each Creative Housing home has an interconnected SDG smoke detector system. The system is powered by your house electrical system. When the system detects smoke, an alarm will sound. You should then follow your fire evacuation plan. The SDG operator will contact the fire department that will dispatch fire trucks to the scene. In addition the SDG operator will call the emergency number of your support provider and inform them that smoke detectors have gone off at your property.

In case of a false alarm:

  1. Press 1234 – Off to silence the alarm.
  2. Call SDG at 614-236-5900 immediately to cancel alarm.
  3. Wait approximately 2 (two) minutes, then press 1234 – Off to reset the alarm.

If the readout on the screen on the SDG keypad says “Trouble” after clearing out the alarm with 1-2-3-4, call Creative Housing at 418-7725 for service.

If there is a power outage your system will operate for 6 to 8 hours because it has a back up battery, which is constantly recharging when power is present. If the phones are not operational, the alarm will sound but no message will be sent to the fire department or the provider emergency number. In this case, we recommend that you follow your evacuation plan and call 911 from a neighbor’s house if they have working phones.

If you experience any problems with our smoke detector system call Creative Housing. We will work with SDG to ensure any necessary maintenance is completed.