General Maintenance

Special Projects

Occasionally we may have to do extensive work to a particular property such as roof repairs, painting, and basement repairs. We will work with you and your provider to make you aware of our work schedule to ensure that the work is completed at a time convenient to you.


Creative Housing staff persons come to your home several times a year even if you don’t call with a maintenance request. There are things that we have to check to make sure that your house if operating OK and to find any repair work that may not have been reported to us. Following is a list of our inspections.

  • Furnace Inspection (yearly)
  • Furnace Filter Changes (four times each year)
  • Smoke Detector/Safety Inspection (yearly)
  • General Maintenance Inspection (twice each year)
  • Electrical Inspection (every three years)
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Recharging (yearly)

We will notify you in advance that we are coming to your home. We appreciate your cooperation with our inspection program. It helps to make sure that your house stays in good repair and operates safely.


Household Tool Kit

We recommend that you have a simple tool kit in you home (hammer, screw driver, pliers, lubricant, toilet plunger, etc). Very often there will be simple repairs to your house that you or your provider can complete. For instance you may be able to tighten a loose screw on a kitchen cabinet or oil a squeaky door hinge. This will save a trip by Creative Housing Maintenance worker and help keep our costs down.



Please keep your garbage in garbage cans with lids on them. This will keep bugs and animals away from your garbage. Remember to regularly clean the inside of your garbage cans to keep away bugs.

If you recycle pop cans, we recommend washing them out and storing them in plastic bags to keep ants and other insects away. Even after doing these things, you should take the cans to a recycling center regularly so they do not attract unwelcome visitors.


Light Bulbs

You should always have a supply of light bulbs on hand to use when bulbs burn out. When replacing bulbs in enclosed areas like ceiling fixtures or globe lights, always use a low wattage bulb (40 – 60 Watts). High wattage bulbs in enclosed spaces give off heat, can be unsafe, and will usually burn out quicker. Also it is a good idea to buy good quality bulbs. Inexpensive bulbs tend to burn out in a very short time.



When warm weather arrives so do some other unwelcome visitors such as ants, roaches, or other creepy crawlers. We recommend that you do the following:

  • Vacuum your kitchen floor daily to remove all food crumbs. Wash the floor weekly. (See Floor Care Recommendations) Immediately clean up food or beverage spills.
  • Do not leave unwashed dishes in your sink for any length of time.
  • Keep lids on all your garbage cans. Make sure your garbage is taken out regularly.
  • If you collect pop cans for recycling, wash them out with water and store them in plastic garbage bags. Take the cans to your recycling location regularly.

If you do begin to see a few bugs, purchase and use over the counter sprays and traps at your local grocery store. Be sure to follow the directions on the label.

These steps should prevent or take care of any problem that you have. If you do get a major infestation, contact our office. We will work with you to correct the situation.