Outdoor Maintenance

Lawn Care

Creative Housing will provide basic lawn care at your house. We will mow your yard (usually every week), and put mulch down around the house once a year. We will also have your lawn treated with weed and feed when necessary. A little flag marker will be put in your yard when this is done.

If you plant a vegetable garden or flower garden we suggest that you mark it with stakes or a little fence so our lawn crews don’t accidentally mow over it.

We encourage you to plant flowers and bushes around your home and to take care of them and every now and then pulling out any weeds that are sticking up. It will help your house look better and gardening is a great way to meet your neighbors.


Snow Removal

Remember, according to your lease snow removal is your responsibility. If you need assistance with snow removal make sure you have made arrangements with your support provider to get help.