Why We Love What We Do


“We were very pleased with the accommodations Creative Housing provided to our son Nick.  The house and apartment that he lived in were in excellent shape with all the proper safety and life threatening alarm systems in place.  There was enough room at each dwelling for Nick to live very comfortably.  Creative Housing ensured the places had updated appliances and other modern amenities.  If there was any worked required as part of maintenance and repair of the dwellings, Creative Housing was very quick to address the issue and fix the problem.  Nick was always asked, like other residents, to provide comments the staff of Creative Housing staff provided to him and comment on the conditions of the dwellings.  This feedback proved important as Creative Housing used the information to address the comments, resulting in better living conditions for its residents.”

–Bob & Jane Genton


“Tim and I enjoy living in one of Creative Housing’s homes. We are very pleased how fast you come when something needs fixed. We were thinking about how long we have been living here, and realized it has been 16 years…We hope for 16 more. Thank you for being our land lord.”

– Tim Prenzlin & Curt Wellman


“We being parents feel very fortunate that our children have the opportunity to benefit from all the wonderful opportunities that Creative Housing has provided and the comfort it brings to know that such caring staff are attentive to their needs. To think when something breaks down in our own home we don’t know who to call or how much it will cost……..oh how we wish we had Creative Housing and the understanding person that show up at our doors…………Thank you Creative Housing for allowing me and other family members to know that our children are in such a safe environment that you created for them.”

– Peggy Martin & Larry Martin


How Can You Help?

A mother and father carry their 30-year-old physically disabled son from his bed to the family bathtub. Creative Housing becomes involved and widens doorways, installs an elevated bathtub so parents can transport their son with a rolling lift.

A senior citizen is no longer able to go outside their own home since they began using a wheelchair. Creative Housing becomes involved and installs a wheel chair ramp enabling the senior to go outside again.

Citizens with developmental disabilities face a shortage of safe and accessible housing. Creative Housing becomes involved and provides housing to over 900 individuals with disabilities.

However, hundreds more need our help and also need assistance with funding.

Become involved with Creative Housing. Your contributions will directly impact the lives of people with disabilities in the Columbus area.

Your donations can make a difference. Please remember Creative Housing when considering your charitable contributions.

Creative Housing Inc. is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions in compliance with federal tax codes are tax deductible.