About Us

Creative Housing is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing safe, accessible, and affordable housing to individuals with disabilities in the Columbus metropolitan area.

Since it began in 1991, Creative Housing has earned national recognition in involving people with disabilities in the development of a wide range of housing options from single-family homes and duplexes to small apartment buildings.

Creative Housing also modifies homes for accessibility for people with disabilities and also for the elderly. Our website provides up to date information on the wide range of housing and renovation programs that make up the Creative Housing network.

Mission Statement

Providing safe, accessible and affordable housing to people with disabilities.

Core Values

Maximize effectiveness using hindsight, insight & foresight

Deliver an optimum customer experience.

Operate with integrity and commitment

Serve as stewards of resources entrusted with us.

Provide a safe and supportive work environment

Necessitate teamwork, leadership and accountability

Cultivate strategic partnerships.


Not long ago, families with children with development disabilities had little to no “housing” options when they became adults. With only institutions or some form of congregate care available, it was not uncommon to have 80-year-old parents still having a 50-year-old son or daughter living with them. Parents working with the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities began to develop a vision based on the idea that people with disabilities could and should have “regular” housing, in safe neighborhoods of their choosing, near their families and where their support staff could come into their homes to assist them. Those parents and their shared vision are what created the foundation for what Creative Housing is today – an organization that offers the most comprehensive accessible housing options and construction services for people with disabilities and their families. Our housing options promote choice, safety and most of all – independence.

Since 1991, Creative Housing has acquired and renovated more than 550 properties in its property portfolio. From wheelchair ramps and accessible showers to voice-activated home systems, more than 75 percent of our homes or apartments have been specially designed to assist people with mobility, sight or hearing impairments. In addition, we have successfully placed another 650 people with disabilities in private market apartments in safe, livable neighborhoods. An originally radical idea from a few cutting-edge parents, has now become commonplace in Greater Columbus. Our public/private partnership is now providing housing to more than 1,600 people with developmental disabilities and has earned national recognition as one of the most comprehensive housing programs for people with developmental disabilities in the country.

As we look to serve our community in the future, we want to continue that legacy of innovation. As such, we developed Creative Renovations to address the growing accessibility needs for people with varying abilities. Through the development of our construction renovations services, we can update older homes or newly built homes for full accessibility. Creative Housing officially launched Creative Housing|Creative Renovations as an expansion that allows our unique accessibility renovation and construction expertise to be available, to both seniors and others who need their homes renovated at an affordable price from a trusted source. This expansion of services will allow anyone who wishes to stay in their home the ability to do so independently for as long as they choose.

As we also look to the future, we must pause to thank the wonderful accepting Greater Columbus community. Our city, state, county and federal officials, private lenders and foundations, trade partners and contractors, more than 70 agencies providing home care and all of our community neighbors have worked with us to make our story and the stories in this report possible. We thank you for past support as we look forward to what we can accomplish together in the years ahead.


“We were very pleased with the accommodations Creative Housing provided to our son Nick. The house and apartment that he lived in were in excellent shape with all the proper safety and life threatening alarm systems in place. There was enough room at each dwelling for Nick to live very comfortably. Creative Housing ensured the places had updated appliances and other modern amenities. If there was any worked required as part of maintenance and repair of the dwellings, Creative Housing was very quick to address the issue and fix the problem. Nick was always asked, like other residents, to provide comments the staff of Creative Housing staff provided to him and comment on the conditions of the dwellings. This feedback proved important as Creative Housing used the information to address the comments, resulting in better living conditions for its residents.”

Bob & Jane G.

“Tim and I enjoy living in one of Creative Housing’s homes. We are very pleased how fast you come when something needs fixed. We were thinking about how long we have been living here, and realized it has been 16 years…We hope for 16 more. Thank you for being our land lord.”

Tim P. & Curt W.

“We being parents feel very fortunate that our children have the opportunity to benefit from all the wonderful opportunities that Creative Housing has provided and the comfort it brings to know that such caring staff are attentive to their needs. To think when something breaks down in our own home we don’t know who to call or how much it will cost……..oh how we wish we had Creative Housing and the understanding person that show up at our doors…………Thank you Creative Housing for allowing me and other family members to know that our children are in such a safe environment that you created for them.”

Peggy M. & Larry M.