After selecting the apartment of choice, the client makes application with the landlord. The client’s chosen provider, Service Coordinator or Supported Living Option Specialist helps fill out the application. All information provided during the application process will be truthful and accurate. No information will knowingly be withheld. Apartment management may do various background checks, including credit, criminal and rental history. Creative Housing has found that when management is informed prior to any check of an existing problem, they may be willing to work with referrals in the approval process. Clients are held to all other application standards. The application fee is paid by the client unless FCBDD authorizes Creative Housing to make this payment. The landlord will notify Creative Housing of approval or denial and Creative Housing will contact FCBDD staff.


Upon approval, Creative Housing will schedule pre-occupancy inspections. The inspections are: Electric, Heating, Fire and Housing Quality. All inspections must meet the guidelines established by FCBDD before any lease is signed. This is a protection for both the client and the landlord.