Community Supported Living Program

Through Creative Housing’s Community Supported Living Program, our goal is to help people with disabilities live on their own with maximum independence. We do this through the purchase of properties and leasing them below market value to people referred through Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities, offering housing in one of our four respite homes, and/or by providing home maintenance services and tips for individuals who qualify.

As a trusted and much-needed resource, Creative Housing helps hundreds of individuals with disabilities and their families find suitable, comfortable and adaptable housing in the greater Columbus area. Together with the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities, we ensure that everyone who qualifies for housing has access to proper, above-standards shelter and home care needs that leads to an independent lifestyle for people with developmental and other disabilities.

As a part of our Community Supported Living Program, we provide:

Our Properties

We acquire properties in the Columbus area using public and private funding, modify them to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities and rent them at affordable costs. Prospective tenants and their families have a choice about whom they live with, the houses and neighborhood they’ll be living in and the renovation required to accommodate their particular circumstances.

Respite Care Homes

For individuals who are served by the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities and in need of respite care, we have four home option available for them. These homes provide a temporary, safe place to stay for individuals who require short-term housing with support staff. Each home is fully accessible and located in a quiet residential setting.

Home Sweet Home Services

While Creative Housing does provide some home maintenance services as the landlord of our properties, other tasks and small repairs are the responsibility of the residents. This Home Sweet Home section breaks down the services that we provide as well as what is expected of our residents. Additional maintenance tips and other home-living suggestions are housed here as well.

For more information or if you have any questions about our Community Supported Living Program, contact our offices at 614.418.7725.