Statistics show that bathrooms are the most dangerous room in our homes. As we age, there is a higher likelihood of a bathroom fall. Often, these types of falls result in a serious injury requiring a stay in a rehab facility or nursing home. So why don’t more seniors adapt their bathrooms as they get older?

In my discussions with seniors, three issues emerge as reasons preventing them from improving their own bathroom danger zone: procrastination, aesthetics, and a distorted notion of costs. Seniors often believe ignoring the fact that they are getting older will help them stay young. There is also a common belief that making a home’s bathroom safe will make it look institutional, and finally, there is a resistance to spending the money.

Statistics from the National Institute on Aging indicate falls by seniors are the most serious threat to their health and independence. The introduction of a walk-in shower, shower bench, well placed grab bars, and non-slip flooring, can significantly reduce our chances of a bathroom related injury. More recently, product design of grab bars and other bathroom products are available to tastefully compliment your existing home décor. We have clients that install custom grab bars anchored to wall studs which also serve as towel racks. We urge you to invite an experienced aging-in-place contractor to look at your bathroom and talk with you about your vision. The cost of a few changes is minimal compared to what you may have to spend in recovery from a fall related injury.

Home Safety month is a public awareness campaign developed by Creative Renovations to help seniors and families stay safely and happily in their homes for as long as they choose. Look for our Home Safety Month accessibility weekly tips here throughout March. Also, visit our website at for additional information, including client videos or to schedule your own appointment with our accessible bathroom team. Our team is standing by to answer your questions, 1.614.418.7725 x26.

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