Why Home Safety Matters

With a background in architecture, Home Safety and Accessibility has always been a passion of mine. After 12 years of serving as Director of Projects and Design for Creative Housing│Creative Renovations, I am pleased to be chosen to lead the organization into the future and continue to promote home safety. My day-to-day function has focused on building a team that champions independence, creativity and affordability when designing home accessibility solutions. Today, we are solidly leading the charge in Columbus for accessibility building and remodeling. As the incoming President/CEO, I want to reintroduce you to Home Safety Month in Greater Columbus.

Now in our 5th consecutive year, Creative Housing│Creative Renovations is again investing in Home Safety Month in Columbus to ensure that everyone who desires to stay in their home knows that we are here to partner with them. We will be reaching out to seniors, families, and caregivers, along with the entire developmental disability community to stress the importance of accessibility features that enhance the lives of those that we passionately serve.

The Numbers Tell the Story

One out of every three seniors fall in their home each year. Of this group, those who suffer fractures face the likelihood of not returning to their home to live independently. These are very sobering facts.

Most of us approach our senior years with hopes of staying mentally and physically active and “defying” the aging process. Through working with our many customers (of all abilities) in Greater Columbus, we have developed individualized ways to modify homes, counteracting the physical limitations that come with aging or a disability. These improvements reduce the likelihood of an injury, which could result in a need to move to a nursing home.

As a community service during the month of March, Creative Renovations is reaching out to individuals, families and caregivers with mobility concerns to stress the importance of making adjustments to your home so that it continues to support your desire for continued independence. Grab bars, extra railings, or zero-threshold roll in showers are all simple adjustments that can be thoughtfully installed to support a person’s desire to age in place. We encourage you to not think of home renovations for safety and accessibility as a “surrender” to the aging process, but rather, as a positive means to support your desire to live in your home for as long as possible.

Until next week,

Cristy “Critty” Buenconsejo, President/CEO

Look for our Home Safety Month accessibility weekly tips here throughout March. Also, visit our website at www.accessibilityrenovations.org for additional information, including client videos or to schedule your own appointment with our accessible bathroom team. Our team is standing by to answer your questions, 1.614.418.7725 x25.

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